Peace Bracelet Amazonite Gemstones and Turqouise

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The peace stackable bracelet is designed to be easy going and easy to wear while giving you peace of mind that your wearing a beautiful one of a kind piece of artisan jewelry.  Also, knowing you've invested in quality creative handmade work. 

Imagine grabbing this bracelet each time while running out the door and needing that perfect bracelet to complete your casual look.


  • Black gold amazonite has variations in neutral natural colors through out the stone, with tiny black and gold flecks through out with a beautiful light blue amazonite stone mixed in.
  • Turquoise peace stones
  • Stretch design easy to put on/off without the hassle of clasps
  • Quality gemstones 
  • Universal fit
  • Look beautiful while wearing this piece feeling confident in quality assurance guaranteed

This is handmade with love for you to bring peace and prosperity into your life