Mandarin Essential Oil 5ml, 10 ml or 15 ml

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Enhance your senses with this citrus love! Combine with other scents to help combat stress alleviate anxiety symptoms. Perfect oil to add into your aromatherapy collection. Use in the kitchen to give that freshly clean smell.

Mandarin Essential Oil 5ml, 10 ml or 15 ml Botanical Name: Citrus reticulata Country of origin: Italy Extraction Method: Cold Pressed Plant part: Fruit Peel Scent: Mandarin Essential Oil has an intense, sweet, fresh scent characteristic of citrus fruit.

Strength of Aroma: Soft Note: High Ingredients: Citrus reticulata. Main Constituents: Limonene: 70%, γ-Terpinene: 20% Blends well with: Other citrus oils such as Lime, Orange, Lemon, and Grapefruit, as well as spice oils such as Nutmeg, Bay and Clove Bud.

History: The name is said to come from the fact that it was a traditional gift to the mandarins of China. It is native to southern China and the Far East, and was brought to Europe in 1805 and to the USA forty years later.