Mammita's Coffee Scrub Polish

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Energize your morning shower with a caffeinated morning joe you can lather on. The smell alone will waken your spirit to take on the day with good vibes. Made with organic coffee grounds, a touch of sugar and wonderfully scented with notes of vanilla. This body scrub will help even skin tone, promote blood flow and assist in minimizing cellulite appearance.

I have keratosis pilaris which is a skin disorder leaving little bumps, it's a form of eczema it is annoying to say the least. When I use an exfoliator like this body scrub it helps remove that "chicken skin" red bumps and all the dry skin leaving my skin soft and smooth. It also removes dead skin cells to prime your skin for your favorite body creams full of nourishing ingredients. These ingredients are able to penetrate the skin better gaining increased benefits from your daily skincare routine.

Almost Gone! You'll love this energizing scent!