How to Decrease Anxiety Fast Using These 6 Steps

Be kind to yourself this week.  As I approach a new week, just opening my boutique, it's been a little crazy with a learning curve.  I am making an effort to stop, be still, breathe and clarify my priorities which for me needs to be self-care.

I know I'm not alone in feeling this way.  I can get crippling anxiety when things become too much to handle.  Especially after combining my huge to do list in my head, trying to cope helping my daughter with her issues and the list can go on.  I will even add my pet's health problems in for that day.  :) Talk about overload of info going into overdrive.  Then my mind begins swirling and swimming in negative self doubt.  Because I have just created an overwhelming impossible list in my head to accomplish.  Which inevitability will defeat me at the end of the day.  If I don't do something to change or modify this behavior.

Self Care to decrease anxiety through meditation and mindfulness to calm the mind, body and soul.

Trying to accomplish so many things in one day is just not achievable.  It can do more damage to our psychological wellbeing than anything into not getting anything done for that day.  The struggle is real.  I wish I was one of those women that was so super focused, organized and driven naturally but I'm not, nor should I be.  Kudos to you and well done my dear one if you are, that is amazing!  We are all made up differently.  What works for someone else may not work in your life.  It's how we are all uniquely different.  The idea is to figure out how to better ourselves through self-improvement.

Journal about ways to declutter the mind.  Get rid of the negative story in your psychological wellbeing.  Improve your health.

Self-care is the way you do this.  Here is my list in simple routines to making a better you and feeling less anxiety in your life.

  1. Make time for yourself, even if it is 10-20 mins

  2. Meditate-I use the insight timer app on my phone.  There are thousands to chose from.  Learning to meditate has been a life saver for me.  I started out with short time intervals in the beginning such as 8 mins.  Now I do up to 45 minutes depending on time constraints.

  3. Do a brain dump on a sheet of paper.  This is writing out as quickly as you can all the thoughts in your head.  Anything.  Even if it's not relatable.  This actually helps to decrease the overwhelming thoughts going on in your head.  You can then see it on paper. Then prioritize the most important issues.  Make sure to take some deep breaths during and once you're finished.  This is such a great way to decrease the stress going on in the mind.

  4. Chose only a few, 2-3 actually, on the list so at the end of the day you can say to yourself I accomplished my intentions today with a pat on the back for a job well done because that's what really matters most.  This gives your brain positive feedback.  Which in turn improves the old sub-conscious thought patterns.  

  5. Don't allow yourself to have self-limiting beliefs during the day or let the mind run wild with negative story telling of how you could've, should've and would've done better if it was done a different way.  Your not alone in this.  We as humans all do this negative role play or at least the majority of us do. :)

  6. Reflection look within yourself for answers.  Ask yourself what is this teaching me, rather than why is this happening?

Self care and reflection to improve your health.  Practice mindfulness

After your reflection I hope that you realize we as people are the most important priority on the list.  Because we can't possibly run an engine when it's low on fuel, depleted and run down.

Meaning we must take care of our mind, body & spirit to build our strength in achieving our inspired actions towards our goals and feeling better.

Take care of you and be kind to your soul.

So please remind yourself daily if you need to that YOU ARE WORTHY.

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