Mother's Day Gifts

Mothers day gifts

Mother's day is almost here!  This year I am doing my best to get gift ideas out.  Spring is such a busy time the holidays seem to creep up fast and before you know it they're gone.  If you're anything like me, a bit of a procrastinator then you'll love this gift idea list to give you some great ideas in making your mama a happy one this year.  I actually am on the ball when it comes to Mother's day because my mom's birthday is May 13th which falls either on mother's day or very close.  Which means I need to come up with two ideas quickly before May day hits.  I've included three of my favorite DIY ideas as well.  

Mothers Day gift DIY

One of my all time favorite DIY came from my daughter.  Katie, my daughter looked up on Pinterest how to make a mother's day gift.  She is one of the most thoughtful people I know and I'm not just saying that because she is my daughter.  It's always been in her nature to do and give to other's in a special way.  We are blessed to have her in our lives. 

I thought it was the sweetest gift I've ever received!  This adorable jar of little notes sits on my dresser in my bedroom reminding me of how all my hard work paid off as a mom.  There were times that it was extremely difficult while working full-time and going to college while raising a kid, I thought I would collapse.  Sometimes, we don't get or even give ourselves enough credit for all the things we do.  Often we're working overtime, depleted of rest, self-care and have given away so much of ourselves that it's nice to know your child appreciates you. I heard some where if a mother had a yearly salary of all she does, she would be a millionaire.  Truth be told, I agree.

When she is away and I'm missing her I can open the jar remembering that special day.  The wonderful messages warms my heart.  I've even opened the jar after she has made me crazy, lol.  Just a reminder. :)

How to make the DIY 200 or 50 reasons why I love you mom.

  1. Clear Mason Jar
  2. Card stock paper
  3. Ribbon & Fabric cut out to decorate
  4. Hole puncher or just make a little hole at the top with a pen
  5. Stickers to decorate the jar

Get creative there are so many ways and ideas on Pinterest to make these special jars.  You can even paint the jar with chalk paint, wrap a bow around it.  Cut out squares of your mom's favorite color card stock paper and simply write special messages.  I think 10-25 reasons is a good amount.  :)

There you go! The most sweetest gift ever!  That your mom will cherish and love forever.

Mothers day gift idea Flowers and container flowers, plants

Here are a couple of my planters I did last summer with some roses in a vase.

This is another favorite idea because there is something therapeutic about planting flowers/plants in containers.  

If you have a tight budget then find a cute plastic toy bucket container at the dollar store, put a few holes in the bottom and you have a five dollar container.  I found some cute ones last year at Michaels in the Easter collection, a great big apple green and aqua blue plastic basket. Cutting down on cost of container enables you to concentrate on putting some beautiful flowers in your arrangement.

Planters flower garden buddha statue garden ideas

Design your pot with these tips to create a beautiful arrangement.

  1. You will need a spill over plant, such as ivy or draping small flowers.
  2. Show stopper center piece, a geranium is a good one because they fill the pot nicely.
  3. A tall plant that helps to create height for your planter, place in the back of the show stopper
  4. If you have room a couple of filler plants.  I like to use coleus and big puffy yellow mums or a white filler.  These bring unique texture and showcase your center show stopper plant.
  5. Be creative with color.  

Potting plants is therapeutic warning you may become addicted.  Last year I put together 14 arrangements!  I just have fun doing it and looking at my creations all summer long! Your mom will love this gift for sure.  Because it's handmade with hard work, thought and time into it with extra love. 

My next favorite gift idea is jewelry.  What woman doesn't love a pretty piece of jewelry as a keepsake.  I began designing jewelry a couple of years ago to start doing as a hobby as a form of therapy to keep my mind off of some stressful things going on at the time.  

I designed this necklace to be a statement piece of jewelry.  The silver heart with a turquoise gemstone accents the pewter metal scrolling detail beautifully.  The heart pendant is on a silver rolo style chain with lobster claw clasp.  A great necklace to spice up a black tee or white top!  Your mom will look amazing in photos wearing it. :)

This would be a perfect gift for your mother if your not into the whole DIY thing.  A boho style with a southwestern flare gives this necklace a unique take and looks beautiful around your neck or mom's.  Sometime's it's nice to treat yourself too while shopping.  There are only two available uniquely yours, one of a kind.

The next list is our favorites that we carry in store for pampering mom, sister, wife and daughter gift ideas.

This is a really sweet gift a .925 silver mama and baby sea turtle in several gemstone colors with a sterling silver chain.  We just got this necklace back in.  If your mom is a fan of the ocean and sea turtles this is a perfect gift for her to treasure.


The charm serves as a symbol of the close relationship between a mom and a daughter and their affection to each other. This Mother Daughter Necklace looks cute and conveys a heart-warming message of love between Mom and Daughter. This necklace was created to serve as a reminder of all of the warmest feelings between two dearest people. 

A absolute favorite of our buyers here at Open Your Heart, this two heart necklace is comprised of one larger heart encircling a smaller heart.  "Mother, Daughter" is etched in the top of the heart, and down the side of the larger heart reads "Forever Friends." 

This Mother Daughter Necklace Set conveys a heart-warming message of love between Mom and Daughter. This necklace set was created to serve as a reminder of all of the warmest feelings between two dearest people. 

Our best selling Pampering Bath gift set includes 2 full size soaps, 2 medium sized bath bombs and 2 glass vials of bath salts in a gift box. Each soap is individually labeled. The gift set comes as pictured, tied with a ribbon.

New Mom Gift Set, the perfect pampering gift for the new mom.

The perfect gift for any tea lover, my mango rose tea and pink rose petal sugar are as beautiful as they are delicious! Inside this recycled gift box are all the fixings for a fruity and floral cup of tea. It's the perfect blend! Mango rose tea is a delicious blend of black tea with pieces of mango, rose petals, and golden calendula petals for a fruity flavor with a robust taste. Pair it with my handmade rose petal sugar for a beautiful cup of tea.

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite Mother's Day gift idea is or what was your favorite gift you got as a mother.  Let's celebrate all our hard work. 

We Wish all the mother's out there A Wonderful Happy Mother's Day!  Because You deserve it! Enjoy. :)

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