A Message To You



A message to you in a bottle

Our Mission

Open your heart to quality + value + serving you first = HAPPINESS

Our story begins serving you in all of your self-care needs.  Experience unique fashion, organic skincare, home + self-care essentials, artisan jewelry, wellness, gifts & so much more.  Let your journey begin as our main character in our store.

Experience luxury at affordable prices + quality service with a value in serving you first.  Stay tuned because we will be featuring a new organic and bamboo clothing collection that feels like a second skin to touch.  A comfort that you feel like you’re in your birthday suit!

 Bamboo clothing and organic clothing echo-friendly

Let our inspiration for nature’s beauty, artist’s colors & uniquely different types of style bring you home to all your self-care needs and desires making you feel like a new person.

 Vacation with good vibes!  Beautiful ocean views shop our boutique for your next chic outfit in style to take with you while traveling.

  We see you, we hear you, we understand and we believe in you!

 New Boutique store.  Shop boho style, retro style outfits, feel seen and understood.  Value and quality service.

Every story has a beginning and an end.  When you shop with us we want your journey to begin with finding unique captivating products that meet your style and needs.  Something different to enhance your senses for adventure while meeting the everyday casual life.

 Modern Boho Chic style for spring fashion and summer fashion

We carefully select each item in our store to bring value to your story in life. 

New arrivals denim shorts and mom jeans.  Boutique with a little '90s style outfit flare

Our mission is to keep you coming back for more through our fun collections and variety while staying on top of the latest sexy cool trends.  Offering special treasures to keep you mindful about self-care.

Self-care by mindfulness practicing meditation and law of attraction to increase your self-love and improve your over all health and wellness

When your journey through our store ends.  We want you to feel the love from our open heart to yours.  To that you are enough.  Each day we want you to open your heart to new possibilities that will bring self-love & meaning into your life.

A love story for nature will soothe your soul.

We hope your experience is exceptional that you come back to visit us again!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our store!

Open Your Heart to a new story.  Find passion, purpose and meaning of life through the love of nature.

If you have an inspiring story that you feel might help someone please email us to be featured on the journal to continue our efforts in spreading a positive message in hope, gratitude & new beginnings to help combat depression, stress and anxiety.

Don’t forget to join our rewards program to earn points while you shop & save!  You deserve a reward!!  Earn points through joining us on social media, referrals & birthday savings!

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